Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Six Questions To Ask Yourself Every Six Months

Internationally acclaimed management guru, Tom Peters recommends that “every six months, ask yourself these six questions and update your resume accordingly.”

1.   What exactly do I do in my current job?

2.   What have I actually accomplished in the past six months?
Point to one or two completed projects that have marked the past six months.
Exactly what benefits, quantitatively and qualitatively have I delivered to my customers?
Precisely, what did I learn in the past six months?
Precisely, how am I more valuable now than six months ago?

3.   Who among my customers will testify to it?
Draw up a list of satisfied (delighted) customers (internal and external) who will extol my performance delivering measurable, value-added results.

4.   What evidence is there that my skills are state of the art?
What classes have I taken or what new skills have I learned on my own?
What projects have I worked on which required new skills?

5.   Who do I know, far beyond my company’s walls, who will help me deal with an ever-chillier world?

6.   Will my year-end resume look significantly different from last year’s?

If your answer to the last question is “No!” then your career insurance policy is overdue for renewal.
Learn how to use this information to insure your career security
Tom Sheppard

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