Friday, October 16, 2015

The Plan

What is The Home Finders all about?  What is the plan here?

Simply put, the plan is to help you.

If you are renting and want to buy, we can help you:

  • Learn ways to buy with less up front money than you might have thought possible.
  • Learn ways to buy without having to get a bank loan.
  • Learn what you need to know to be able to buy a home.

If your income isn't enough to allow you to buy, we can help you:

  • Learn how to supplement your income without taking on a second full-time job.
  • Learn how to get a better job than the one you have.
  • Learn how to keep the job you have or want.

If you already have a home and a good job and want to build another income stream to allow you to retire with more income than you thought possible, we can help you:

  • Learn how to build a real estate portfolio that will be profitable.
  • Learn how to manage your real estate portfolio without it driving you crazy or working you to death.

If you already have a home and a real estate investment portfolio we can help you:

  • Learn how to turn that real estate portfolio into a steady stream of passive income that keeps coming even while you are sleeping or on vacation.

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