Tom's RE Book Picks.
Hi, I am Tom Sheppard, the founder of The Home Finders, ADB Properties, and A+ Results.  Thanks for coming to this page.  I believe you will find it worth your effort.

Many years ago I realized that I really love to help people succeed.  I have enjoyed considerable success (and some failures) in my life and I want for others the same things I want for myself:  to have joy in their lives.  Like you, I want to work at something I enjoy.  I want to live in a nice home.  I want to be able to go to the store without worrying that I am going to bounce a check when I buy something.

I founded each my companies to help me to help others achieve those goals.

Over the years I have read scores of books and taken dozens of courses to help hone my skills as a real estate investor.  Here are few books that I believe are some of the best money can buy.

What follows is my list of favorite books that helped me become an expert in real estate investing.  However, before you peruse that list consider this book I wrote:

Millionaire Liar: What Real Estate Gurus Won't Tell You, But Tom Will by Tom Sheppard

After years of successful investing and learning at the feet of some of the leading real estate gurus in the world I found my business going under.  I took a step back and took stock, trying to figure out why I was in this pickle.

I looked at what I was doing to make sure I was following the advice of the experts.  I was.  So, were they lying to me, or was I missing something.  I sat down and ran all the numbers and discovered a terrible secret that the gurus wouldn't talk about, and which spelled disaster for me and many other real estate investors.

Why wouldn't they talk about it?  Because what I learned won't sell seminars.  In fact, if they disclosed these facts, many people would decide not to buy their courses and not to invest in real estate.  They would walk away not because they couldn't get rich in real estate, but because these cold hard facts are not the easy money story that sells books and seminars.

Learning these facts cost me nearly $2 million.  You can learn them from me for less than five bucks.  If you are serious about investing in real estate, you cannot afford not to know this. Click the link to buy your copy today.

Now, on to some great real estate investing books by other authors.

These books by Robert Irwin aren't new.  Regardless, because I read and understood them, when I attended advanced real estate course by a variety of gurus I found they weren't teaching much I didn't already know.

Jay Mitton is one of the little known masterminds of real estate investing.

These books helped me learn how to deal with a difficult real estate market.  William Bronchick, co-author of the first book has been a well-known real estate guru in the Denver, Colorado area for several decades.


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