Friday, March 1, 2013

Negative Leadership

I was just looking at a posting in Linked In.  The question someone posed was about the curse of negative leadership.  The person posting the article made the statement, 

"I can never learn from a negative person nor can I work under one. Not only Culture but what about Retention?"
While there is no arguing about the damage a negative boss does to the organization and individuals within that organization, I maintain that if you cannot learn from a negative boss, the problem is your attitude, not the boss.

Having served in the military, I learned to deal with negative bosses because I didn't have the luxury of  picking my bosses. I couldn't quit. I had some positive ones and some negative ones and several who were both under various circumstances. 

The reality is that you can learn from negative bosses and from positive bosses. And, the lessons you learn are not always negative from negative and positive from positive. 

I had one "positive" boss who was so "empowering" that he would never make a decision, even when he was the one who really needed to make the call. I learned from him that when you're the boss, there are some things you cannot delegate. 

I had a negative boss from whom I learned both the power and price to be paid for a "live to work" mentality. 

Of course, the ideal is to have a positive work environment and your relationship with your boss is one of the most important factors in determining that environment. But as we hear time and again, it is not your circumstance that determines your outcomes, it is your attitude.

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