Friday, March 8, 2013

Achieving Greatness - A Guest Column by Marketing Genius Jay Abraham

This is my friend and mentor Jay Abraham.  Jay recently sent me a letter I want to pass on to you.


My life has been devoted to REALLY performing at optimal, I like to say at absolute "greatness." I'm not just about developing the greatness within myself, but equally focused on enhancing the greatness that I can stimulate, develop, support, direct, and concentrate in other people -- for themselves and for all the others that THEY impact.

I started recently thinking about it more overtly, clinically and critically, and I realized that there are four "explicit" elements to greatness.

First of all, greatness IS inherent in everybody. We have it in our DNA. I believe we're all pre-programmed for greatness. There's no one I've ever met who REALLY wants to be just average or mediocre. You don't want to be an average "whatever you do" i.e. real estate manager, innkeeper, or entrepreneur.

You also don't want to be mediocre (or average) as a spouse, father, mother, a contributor to your community, to the world, or to society. You want your life to be about something far beyond mediocrity.

If you are inherently programmed to want greatness (and driven to achieve greatness), why then, do so FEW people really realize it, manifest it, and accomplish it in their lifetime? That's the question. My answer is, there are four interesting forces or factors that have basically worked against you. None of them are your fault, you have to understand it. They are surprisingly easy to overcome.
  1. The first one is that... no one has ever painted a picture for you of WHAT true greatness really could (and should) look like in all facets of your life, professionally, commercially and personally. No one has ever said, "Here's what being a great mentoring realtor looks like," "Here's what's being a great technology expert looks like," and looks like from MANY different vantage points, not just the abstract (amorphous), macro.
But, rather you need to look at it from a very critically, clinically, and granularly focused basis.
You need someone to show you, "Here's what it looks like in the way you conduct yourself towards your client," "Here's what it looks like in the way you communicate with clients, team members, venders." "Here's what it looks like in the way you execute your actions/activities," "Here's what it looks like in the way you articulate your offer/benefit/proposition," "Here's what it looks like in the way it's received (and perceived) on the other side."
  1. The second part: If you don't have a "clear-cut" picture of what you're ascribing/aspiring towards, how in the world can you get there? It's like saying, "I don't know where I am. I don't know if I'm in Los Angeles or New York. I want to go on vacation, but I don't know where I want to go. I don't know if I want to go south or north." If you don't know where you are and you don't know where you're trying to get to, how could you possibly, know the path to take?
  2. Thirdly: Most people don't have a clear-cut vision of the path to take for the first reason. They don't know where they're going. If they DO know where they're going, they still don't know how to get there, and no one has really showed them how to stair-step (slowly, safely, progressively) as opposed to trying to be an Olympic pole-vaulter from the get-go.
If you don't know what it looks like, you're limited, restricted, constrained, and impeded. If you KNOW what it looks like, but you don't have a clue what path is going to take you there, it's almost a pyrrhic victory.

If you know what it looks like and you know the path, most people don't have the self-confidence or belief in their own deservedness, ability, capability to really get pursuing it, to walk to the beat of the different drummer. So they stay on the sidelines... intimidated, uncertain, insecure, equivocating, and procrastinating.
  1. Finally, if you've got the wherewithal to transcend all three of those levels, factors, forces, meaning:
    1. You CAN get clarity on what greatness is supposed to look like at all ranges, realms, facets.
    2. You CAN get an idea of the "destiny path" that's going to take you there, the safest, the surest.
    3. You HAVE enough faith in yourself to get started.
What frequently happens, then -- even if you get that far IS, normally, you can muster up the courage, self-reliance, commitment, resourcefulness to get started on that path and you have the clarity of the vision where you're going.

However, if the first time gets rugged, or you get detoured, or derailed, or impeded, or frustrated, or embarrassed, normally what happens IS that's the last time you do it.

Think about anything you've ever done differently for the first time in your life, taking up a hobby, taking up a skill, whether it was a foreign language, golf, long-distance running, anything. The first time you ever probably did it, you were terrible, and it was easier to really abandon it than it was to pursue it and go forward.

You immediately default and spring back to status quo. You go back to where you were before, and the reason is that you have no one to believe in you, to support you, to love you enough, admonish you enough, cajole you enough, and inspire you enough.

You need all four of those Elements --- to achieve Greatness. That's my belief. You need someone masterful, to support, direct, develop, course-correct, inspire, encourage, and fuel your progress from mediocre to magnificence. Someone to set you and keep you on all the right paths.

This is NOT a solicitation for a compensated program or seminar. I'm selling nothing whatsoever here. It's merely an explanation of WHY you haven't - YET achieved the greatness that you and your business deserve - and how to make your greatness as an entrepreneur and human being happen - beginning today.

Jay Abraham 

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